Saturday, 22 May 2010

Catachan Squad with Commissar

Yet another infantry squad painted up and completed, this time packing a melta gun and heavy bolter, and dragging a Commissar along to boot. I kinda like these older Catachan's, sure they are over muscled ape men, but at least they look better than the god awful plastics that replaced them. The three remaining Last Chancers slid into this group quite nicely as well.

Iron Snake's Librarian

Another miniature that's been sat in the pile for about a year now. Glad I finally got some paint on him. I don't this model is available anymore but theres something nice and simple about his design. Anyhow this brings my Iron Snake's model total up to 6.
While painting the Librarian, I went back and repainted the Brother Sgt's helmet white as it was pointed out to me it was the wrong colour.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ral Partha Wizard

One of a bunch of old Ral Partha miniatures Ive had sat in my lead mountain for a few years. A really nice sculpt, Im happy with the way she turned out.

Salute 2010 Sci Fi Girl

I got two of the special Salute 2010 miniatures so decided to paint one set up slotta bases, the robot is in the Salvage Crew as seen in an earlier post. I felt it a bit unfair not to paint up the space girl so I slapped some paint on her the other day. Not a very nice casting, plenty of flash and an ugly and hard to paint face. Not sure what Im going to use her for.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Every regiment needs a rogue trooper (no not the blue skinned fellas from 2000AD) that can pilfer and aquire equipment from any number of sources, and the Albion 13th has Lance Corporal "Fingers" Smith to fill that role.

My last model from the Last Chancers range, I forgot to take pictures from the side and back to show off his numerous pouches and packs, as well as the Penal Legion bdge painted in white to emulate a single rank stripe.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Salvage Crew

My salvage crew I put together for sci-fi skirmish games. The crew of the SS Betty Sue from left to right starting with the front row. "The Major" Dallas McClaine, Ellie Six, Arnuld, Captian Sonja (also known as Her Royal Intergalatic Highness Crown Princess Sonja Quamar of the Degarian Imperium.), Dolph, Kaylee, a random crew member, Mach, The Professor, the S-6 droid and finally Lars.

And one of thier transports, The Ram.

The miniatures come from a number of ranges, and just show what you can put together when you set your mind to it. Companys use include, EM4, Privateer Press, Maow Miniatures, Foundry, Games Workshop, Hasslefree and Heresy. The transport comes from Ramshackle.

The droid is the special Salute 2010 limited miniature.

Friday, 7 May 2010


Just a small update today, another of the Last Chancers, and the second from last that I own. Animal carrying his trusty melta gun, I intend to include him and "Fingers" into the Catachan squad i have lined up to be painted (as long as other projects dont take hold.)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

BattleMasters Orc

Just an old plastic Orc Ive had sat in my bits box for a few years now, used him as a test for a new undercoat I got at work, worked ok on the plastic, so may try it on metal. Anyhow this chap was originally one of the many Orcs you got with the old GW/MB game Battle Masters (Which my mate used to own but has now lost all the pieces to it :( ).

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hasslefree Goodness

Some of the goodies I picked up at Salute, all painted up and ready to go in my miniature boxes (never gonna get to use these on the table top....well one day maybe...) .

First is the not-vampire Willow from Buffy named Witch Hazel, this is a real small miniature, kind of a problem with some of Hasslefree products, as a result, she doesnt have much of a face, it just gets lost with paint.

Second is the Mutant Grant, one of the new releases that I just had to have after using this model in the Hasslefree game ran by Akula and Bungle at Salute. He is big and an actual joy to paint. I think hes supposed to be something from Left 4 Dead...Might have to pick that game up...

Third up is the Frothers Bunny Boiler Alice, I think Kev read my order wrong, cause I didnt ask for this one, but still, its a nice mini and I enjoyed painting her (And I was intending to get her anyhow).

And lastly is the first of my kiddie gangs, consisting of Peter with a crowbar, Katie with a bat, and Rose in a gasmask....these fella's are tiny, seriously small....