Saturday, 24 July 2010

EM4 Merc's

Havent been posting on here for a while due to my computer dieing on me, and having to work extremely long hours 6 days a week.
Anyhow, I placed an order with em4 Miniatures the other week and decided to try out thier range of pre painted mini's...yes I know, pre painted, yuck. But this was the only way to get hold of these sculpts that on the website looked decent enough for the space pirates project I have planned.
For £12 you get five metal (not plastic unlike some companys) Bob Olley mini's and 4 12 sided dice, in a nice window box. The problem with the packaging however is that instead of foam, they use plastic, the crappy soft kind you get when you buy an ipod or something, as a result, the slots werent big enough for two of the miniatures (M16 and radio guy) as a result the thin parts were pretty bent.
The paint jobs themselves werent to bad, much better than say, Heroclixs, but the faces could have used a little work. They also required to be based, though they came with 5 slotta bases. A touch up with some washes and they were ready to go.
All in all, not a bad little set for some ready made henchmen.

Monday, 5 July 2010

New Model Daleks

I think Im one of the few people in the world to like the new look Dalek's. So when the BBC released thier kids Dr.Who magazine (A joke of book, even if it is aimed at kids) with five free plastic Daleks, I snapped them up, 5 miniatures for £2.25, damn right!

I only have the white and yellow Daleks left to paint.