Saturday, 17 January 2009

Hasslefree Zombie Hunters and Zombies

Hasslefree Miniatures produce some amazing figures, and whats even more amazing they do it all out of their own home, a real Husband and Wife (with help from the kids) business. They have a large figure range for a number of settings, but the biggest is the zombie hunting line.
Here we have Suzi the Japanese schoolgirl armed with a Mac10, Ashley Campbell with her trusty chainsaw and finally Ray with a cricket bat and sawn off shotgun (He looks remarkably like Shawn of the Dead). Off course it doesn't look like these weapons did them much good as they all seem to have zombie counterparts.
The sculpting of these miniatures is first rate with plenty of detail. I painted them with a mix of Games Workshop and Coat d'arms paints.
These any many more like them can be found at

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