Saturday, 28 February 2009

Imperial Guard Part 3

So far all Im doing is working my way through the various metal miniatures I have, stripping them down from the horrid 2005 paint job and repainting them in time for the May release of the new Guard Codex.

So far things are going as planned, I have so far two Commisar's with power fists, Rocket girl from the Last Chancers, Iron Hand Straken, a female Guard with Autocannon, a Rogue Trader officer and a Catachan officer with a power fist all stripped as well as all ten Tanith models ready to go into my dip (Mr.Muscle Kitchen cleaner).

Anyhow, Ive been painting like a little painting squirrel thing all week (And all I have to show for it is 4 mini's, rather crap I know.) and I finally got around to sticking some pictures up. I really need lessons in taking better pictures, I use a Sony Cybershot and its lack of options is amazing.

One of the first miniatures I ever bought was the original Yarrick after his release, this fella has been sat in a box for years, caked in old Airfix paint, 48 hours in the dip and he was back to base metal. His old flag pole was bent and misshapen so I snipped it off. Ive always liked this mini over the newer Yarrick, maybe its the history...

I spent two hours on the wounded Cadian and love the result, I think Ive managed to nail painting white. I resisted the urge to add blood all over the place....

Following those are the Last Chancers Warrior Woman and the US Games Day 98 Female Commissar.

The Commissar is a sore point, some people claim its limited due to its GD status, others say it isnt due to the fact it was released into the GW online stores in the US. Well this mini was never released in the UK and is now out of print, so as a result, it is in fact a limited miniature, not that justifies people charging £20 on ebay for it...

The Commissar is another rescued paint job, 24 hours in the dip, one black under coat later, and about 4 hours painting time, my eyes and back hurt after finishing her.

The Warrior Woman (A clear ref to Xena judging by the skirt) was painted to match the styles that are going to run through the army, white armor, black outter garments and grey under garments.

Hopefully I'll have more posted soon.

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