Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sister's of Battle test colours

Ive got a number of battle Sister's miniatures Ive picked up the last few years, some painted rather badly, Ive tossed a few into a bath of Mr.Muscle to strip them. While I was at work I was struck by the idea of a red and white themed army (no not a refrence to Middlesbrough football club). I think they have come out quite nice. As for a name Im thinking of The Order of the Bloody Blade.


  1. You can never go wrong with any one color (red) along with black and white.
    They look good.

    from the Warp

  2. I really like these Sisters test minis, great work! Are you thinking about using either red or white gloves, or would you have both colored gloves within the army? Regardless both options look good.

  3. Good question, Ive decided to go with both, red gloves if they are armored, and white for the fabric gloves.