Saturday, 6 November 2010

Attack of the Nun's (Sister's part 3)

I managed to finish four more Sister's over a week ago, but have had trouble with my camera, all it wanted to take photo's of was fuzzy miniatures. I think I may have solved the problem by taking the photo's from about four miles away. Anyhow, two more Repentia's and two Battle Sister's. I like the Repentia models, its just a pity there are only 3 different scuplts (not counting the Mistress) in the set. I won a box set back in 2008 from the local GW store, along with a squad of Talarns, the Throne of Judgement and a box of Arco Flagelents (which Ive since sold), so figured it was past time to paint them.

I like the red armor and think Ive managed to get a nice shade of red. I cant take any credit for the banner as it was already on the badly panted second hand mini's I picked up off ebay years ago.

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