Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Chaos Warriors

Some more HeroQuest plastics, this time a well known villain from a cartoon from the 80's and a few henchmen with big axes.


  1. Just loving them, especially the sorcerer!

  2. For the Bases, did you remove the Hero Quest miniatures from their bases? or just glue the Hero Quest square bases?

    I ask because I have been getting ready to start painting up a Main Game System set of Miniatures.

    The ones that you have there look good!

  3. @ Col. Corbane, thanks mate.

    @ Rath of Un, I cut the plastic bases away from the miniatures before remounting them on square bases.

  4. The Necromancer is a great figure. Good to see lots of other people enjoy painting him too :) (you used almost the same "Skeletor" colours I did) I haven't attempted any of the chaos warriors yet but they look neat.