Sunday, 15 May 2011

Yet more HeroQuest stuff

I rattled off a few more Undead for HeroQuest over the last two days, the Skeletons were nice and quick, as was the Mumie, but the Zombies gave me a few problems. I couldn't remember how to paint rotting flesh and ended up with a green blue wash mix on one, kinda reminds me of a 70's zombie movie. While I was at it, I got the big guy painted up as a statue, rather than painting him as a demon, as he is a Gargoyle in HeroQuest, not a Bloodthirster.

While Im in the fantasy mood, I dug through the lead mountain and dug out a tomb and a treasure chest, both from the same Reaper set, they should look good on the board.

1 comment:

  1. Huh, he does look good as a statue! Which is good because I'm not overly impressed with him as a miniature, mostly because his pose is so peculiar. I kind of covet his wings as a conversion bit, to perhaps add to one of those HQ Chaos warriors... sort of a mash-up :D