Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Haul

I stopped by my friend Lee's house earlier and after having a ferrit about in his loft came away with the above horde of goodies, plus a bunch of Hero Quest furniture, one rather warped board, at least two decks of Treasure and Spell cards and a whole bunch of broken mini's.

The good stuff is as follows..

8 Battlemasters Orcs
7 Battlemasters Beastmen
7 Battlemasters Chaos Archers
8 Battlemasters Goblins
4 Battlemasters Goblin Wolf Riders (2 with wolves)
1 Battlemasters Chaos Warrior
2 Plastic horses
3 Heroquest Orcs
2 Heroquest Goblins
4 Heroquest Fimir
2 Heroquest Chaos Warriors
1 Heroquest Sorceror
The Wizard, Barbarian and Dwarf from Heroquest
2 Heroquest Skeletons
1 Heroquest Zombie
1 Heroquest Mummy
2 Space Crusade Gretchen
17 Advanced Heroquest Skaven (without shields)
1 1993 Bugman
1 1993 Dwarf Champion (Eyepatch Dwarf)
1 Advanced Heroquest Elf
1 Plastic Empire Wizard (the one with the sphere in his hand) <-- Mine from the early 90's
2 Grenadier Orcs from 1992 <--2nd set of miniatures I ever bought

Pretty nice huh?


  1. That's quite the old-school haul, I'm jealous!

  2. Wow! The Battlemasters and Heroquest stuff are the best of this lot. Maybe not the best plastic minis ever, but true classics. Also a great way to acquire a bunch of troops that will catch the eyes of the more... discerning gamer :)

    Wish my brother's old Battlemasters game hadn't "evaporated". Don't know where most of those minis went :P

  3. Nice haul! You've got some gems in there, for sure. I love seeing your classic fantasy stuff, keep it coming!