Thursday, 31 May 2012

More Meat For The Grinder

 A few weeks ago I aquired 54 Cadian's, all rather poorly painted, but in most cases well put together. After having them sit in a Dettol bath to strip the paint (and then several days in water to try and get the dettol gunk off them) for a week, I managed to make a start.
The Guard in the middle has some sand gunked to the side of his face, an after effect of the Dettol bath, but now painted just looks like a real bad burn, not bad.
The fellow on the end originally had a regualr helmet head, but the glue weakened and it fell off, so I used a Catachan tank crew head.
 Nothing really unique about these five save for the Sgt, he has the newer issue Cadian tank crew head.
The full squad ready for deployment. You can see more clearly the Catachan head in the back rank.

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  1. Looking good! Love that paint scheme - keep up the great work!