Monday, 13 August 2012

Morbs Battle Fortress

So I stopped by Home Bargains after work and shelled out the £3.99 for one of these fortress toys.

Unpacked and built, fairly detalied for a kids toy.

Ah and here we have Private Xena posing before the fortress. As you can all see, the gateway (that doesnt open) is suitable for 28mm miniatures on foot at least.
All the components, its designed to be smashed by the tank toy, though Im not sure the tank toy is designed correctly, oh well. The back of the wall isnt sculpted at all, so will require some major sculping work, but hey, what do you want for £3.99?

1 comment:

  1. Being into toon-ish miniatures I have to say I envy you so much...

    Dang, I've seen ball-shaped mech for those toys but I've never seen those at the bargain bin.

    I haven't seen the fortress before indeed. I'll keep an eye on those everytime I hit toys r us stores.