Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Sorry ladies and gents, but Ive just deleted close to a 100 spam comment posts that were littering throughout the blog. Ive changed the "who can post" options to registered users, if that doesnt work, Im going to have re-add the damn word verification BS. Apologies in advance.


  1. Registered users should reduce it a fair bit mate, I only had 3 spam posts in 18 months of blog life :D

  2. Spam Spam Spam, This is a Spam Post. LOL

    Seriously though Spammers suck. I have had to delete (luckily) two spam comments from my blog about a year ago. Both were discount designer ladies footwear.

    Now as for SPAM (the food) it is good stuff. I typically try to keep a couple cans stocked in the cupboard for meals.