Saturday, 8 June 2013

Federation Fleet (and 300 posts!)

I have been interested in forming a fleet made from Star Trek model miniatures, however I have found them to be either rather pricey, or hard to get hold of. I had considered the Star Trek Tactics game from Heroclix, but the local Forbidden Planet doesn't stock it. However I tracked a few miniatures down on Ebay and decided to pick up a few to see how they sized up. So from left to right we have a MicroMachines USS Reliant, Heroclix USS Reliant, Hot Wheels USS Enterprise (new version) and Futura USS Enterprise.
Of the four they all size up well, but the best sculpts are the MicroMachines and the Futura models, the HeroClix is a little smaller and a bit soft on the details but is nice for what it is. The Hot Wheels however is horrid, the saucer and body are die cast and bolted together badly, while the nacelles are soft bendy...really bendy rubber plastic, still it will serve till I acquire a few more replacements.

Also 300 posts! Woot!


  1. Flip- While not offical star trek ships did you check out Irregular Miniatures Imperial Ships? They have the Star Trek UFP Starfleet look to them. Clogar6 has some good shots of them here the DYE 1 (Sheriff Class Police Corvette) is approx. 26mm (or approx 1-in) long. The DYE 5 Heavy Cruiser is approx 60mm long (approx 2 5/16-in long). While these are smaller then the Mongoose/ADB A Call To Arms Star Fleet 2500 line of federation ships they arent too out of place next to them, they can easily represent smaller ships in the Federation service.

    It was his posts for these and the Irregular miniatures Confederate ships that led me to getting some as my first Starship purchase.

  2. Forgot to ask, what rules system are you going to be using?

    I myself will primarily be using 5150: Star Navy, with the occasional game of Full Thrust thrown in.

  3. Congrats on the 300th post you have been busy. Ships look good. Not my sci fi series. I'd love to have a Battlestar Galactica one though.

  4. Great stuff man - congrats on the triple century!