Sunday, 4 August 2013

Imperial Grenadiers Part 1

I always wanted a squad with shotguns. How to do it though? I could go the Forgeworld route, or the Scout route. Scouts where the faster option, but then there was the matter of their armor, not exactly flak armor... Then while reading the Guard Codex I noticed the veteran doctrine Grenadiers, carapace armour, problem solved.
The squad when finished will consist of a vet sgt with powerfist and plasma pistol (looted from the Space Wolves set) 5 shotgun troopers, 3 sniper rifles and a rocket launcher, mixing long and short range rather nicely.


  1. Nice! I always liked using scouts as the basis for carapace-armored veterans, and yours look fantastic! Great work, man!

  2. Love the look. The guardsman helmets look fantastic on the scout bodies