Sunday, 1 September 2013

Enterprise D

 Eaglemoss Collections have released yet another collectible statue magazine, Star Trek the Official Starships Collection.I only saw one copy in WH Smiths when I went looking yesterday, plenty of copies of Eaglemoss's other collections (Dr.Who and Build your own trains). Anyhow, the first issues sets you back a measly £1.99, this is to entice you into the collection and subscribe, each other issue is £9.99.
 The first issue comes with extremely well detailed part die cast part plastic model of the USS Enterprise D, with display stand. The model is really really nice, plastic see through nacelles, and nicely applied markings.
The upcoming models all look rather nice, but are not in scale with each other, so uses for Star Trek themed war-gaming are limited, though the Enterprise D does look nice next to my Futura USS Enterpirse.

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