Sunday, 16 February 2014

Squats (Conscripts part 12)

Haven't painted much for a while, been suffering through some bad toothache, followed by failed dental surgery followed by yet more toothache, which has really sapped the drive to paint these last few weeks (up to 3 weeks of pain so far).
Anyhow, picked up a couple of old Squat miniatures right after Christmas, stripped them down and repainted them in the colors of the Albion 13th.


  1. Sorry to hear about your dental problems. Great looking figs mate.

  2. Ouch toothache is the worst dude. It always seems to ache more at night as well!

    Great looking Squats mate they shall never be forgotten!

  3. Sorry to know, I hope you get well soon. My dentist is colombian and dude, he's a personal hero of mine; went thru surgery a couple of times and he made my day, painless. My previous was a nightmare to be honest.

    BTW love those squats and hey, thanks! I was after that color scheme to paint a clone army (White with hints of grey and brown for backpacks-belts and Orange for googles, corporate markings etc.

    You've roben that the color choice Works pretty well. Maybe White needs a bit of something, be it warm (bleached bone) or cool (grey) shading or maybe juste gloss varnish.

    Gold work, anyway.

  4. AW man those are some classic Squats! Nice eBay find, and very nice paint jobs. I agree the colour scheme is appealing, and the orange visors add that touch of colour to keep them from looking too subdued.