Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Armored Sentinel Squadron Part 1

Finally got back into painting at the weekend following a week long crash course in Site Coatings followed by an exam last Friday...urgh. Anyhow, first two Sentinels, for my last open Fast Attack slots, Units 1 and 3. I screwed up and forgot about no.2....
Unit 1 is armed with a Plasma Cannon and a Hunter Killer Missile, while Unit 3 is equipped with Missile Launchers. Unit 2 when I get another (GW only stocks 2 of anything these days...) will also be armed with Missile's.


  1. Unit 2 is obviously in the motor pool for repair! Great job on 1 and 3 though!

  2. Hey Mighty Flip. Love your painting - damn I wish I could be as productive as you! I have just started my own mini painting blog and I wondered what you use to take pictures and for a background. Anything must be better than my ipad and a dirty table...!

    1. Hi Geekorrific, thanks for the comment, but Im so productive because I have no life, lol. As for the pictures I use a Samsung ST95 camera, two pieces of white card (comic backing boards) and a sunlit room, that's why some pictures are grainy and some aren't.

  3. They look great, I really like the one in the leaning pose.