Monday, 21 July 2014

USS Enterprise (Running Press)

 I found this on Amazon, though WHSmiths also sell them. The original series USS Enterprise, it comes prepainted with all markings applied. its a lovely well detailed kit for its size. On top of all the saucer section lights up.
The Running Press Enterprise alongside the Futura refit Enterprise. I should point out that this kit costs £5.59 from, though some crafty buggers are trying to sell them on ebay as an exclusive from the Eaglemoss Star Trek magazine, with prices upwards of £20!

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  1. Its lovely. It still amazes me that such an iconic and unusual design was envisioned in the 60s, when virtually all other sf ships were just glorified rockets.

    Also funny that it paid off unexpectedly, in that by shuffling the components a vast array of other Starfleet designs emerged (the Reliant being one of the coolest).