Monday, 15 December 2014

Random Reaper Goodness

Just some random Reaper miniatures from the Chronoscope line that I picked up for my never ending post apoc project. Overall rather nice sculpts that painted up rather nicely, except for the geisha, she suffers from what I call "Hasslefree Syndrome", bascially a rather flat detail less face that is quickly hidden by a layer of paint. Oh well...


  1. Lovely job. Hmm I have no problems with the hasslefree sculpts tbh. But I guess I only have maybe two dozen of them.

    1. Im not sure why it is, but a few of the female sculpts just lose all detail once paint it applied, well I guess its cause Im so used to painting GW mini's that have "ridged" faces where Hasslefree's are so smooth.

  2. Interesting I just watched s documentary about geisha it's pretty unlikely they'd flash a leg. They're more like hostesses and best you'd get is the nape of the neck which is sexy in Japan.