Monday, 9 February 2015

X-Wing Addiction.

So a week ago I went in search of the core set for X-Wing, couldn't find it for love nor money in Middlesbrough, no one had a copy, so instead I came away with an A-Wing and the Imperial Aces expansion sets. After a quick look at eBay, I ordered a Core set and an extra X-Wing. That was the Sunday, on the Monday I went past Midlam Miniatures in Pewlaw and wandered in, and they had almost everything, so I came away with a Core Set, a Tie Advanced, and a Y-Wing. On Wednesday the Core set arrived and on the Thursday I went back to Midlam and picked up a second A-Wing and a Tie Bomber, then on Saturday the X-Wing arrived from eBay....Now I just need to play a game....

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