Monday, 30 March 2015

So, this came today

 A mysterious box, with strange mysterious markings...Zombicide?.?...Hey I remember this, its that kickstarter I backed last July!
 Opening the box and we reveal, the back of smaller boxes. Actually these are the paid for Kickstarter exclusives, Audrey (The Big Bang Theories Amy), Curro (Scarface), Nikki (TBBT's Penny), Benny (Sly Stallone), Oksana (RE's Alice), Patrick (TBBT's Leonard), Kris (Val Kilmer in Heat), and Miss Trish (TBBT's Bernie).
 More goodies! A dice tower, purple stat card holder, a dice bag, the Lost Zombivor's set and VIP Zombies set #1.
 Stat cards and dice sets.
 The meat of the product, Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbours, nice!
And finally, the infection level award, another set of Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbour zombies, a female abomination, barricades, crows, more VIP zombies, including Elvis, Santa, and slave Leia zombies...erm...ok.. And last of all, even more survivors and their Zombivors. Yuri (Bruce Willis), Lucius (Leon), Seth (Liam Neeson), Spencer (Walter White/Heisenberg), Jesse (Gordon Ramsey), Kabir (TBBT's Raj), Doc (fella from House), Bastian (Zoolander) and Cat (who I think is supposed to be the girl from the Dukes of Hazzard).
Cant wait to get stuck into this lot!

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