Saturday, 5 March 2016


 I picked up 3 Chimera's in a trade off Facebook this week, gave them the usual grey black paint job as the rest of the tanks in the Albion 13th, but then I was left looking at the last remaining tank and was overcome with the need to paint it up as a battlefield ambulance.

If your wondering why it still has its lasgun fire-points, well i reckon there wont be that many wounded in M41 that will need medi-vacing off a battlefield, most will be killed outright or told to walk it off (even with a missing leg).


  1. "Ow! You missing that leg. The medic patch you up!"

    "Roger Sargent! Did a right good job of it. The meds are doing wonders for the pain."

    "GREAT! Now stop lingering and main that lasgun position. Your arms are not missing!"

    1. "what do you mean you can't see? I don't care that your eyes have melted, the enemy is right in front of you, go run at them screaming there's a good fellow"

  2. LOL love the tanks, I miss 40k but just can't justify the cost of building an army back up again. I sold my mini's a longtime ago ;-(