Saturday, 17 April 2010

Objectives and yet another Commissar

I've been intending to get into playing Necromunda and figured a good way to get in the mood while I gather my gang was to have a go at painting up some loot counters or objective markers.

Both of these are resin cast miniatures from Ramshackle games, but do to an accident going up the stairs, the power armored corpse (Gilgamesh I think his name is) flew out the box hit the wall and shattered, and I dont think I got him all back together. Anyhow he is to represent a forgotten piece of power armor or a heavy load lifting device. I really like the way the yellow turned out.

The mushrooms were actually included in a big box of resin miscasts i got from Ramshackle, and after reading up on the background fluff for Necromunda I figured it would be a good representation of spook fungus, a nasty drug in the hive city.

And here wave yet another Commissar (I only have one left to paint and then Im Commissar free.....unless I paint up my spare guard commander....). Another of the old Last Chancer models, this time Hero. Something really nice and simple to him, nothing really outlandish and Games Workshoppy, nice for a change.


  1. The power armor lifter thingy is pretty damn cool- could almost see use as a Termie or Dread depending on the scale.

  2. Its taller than a Dread, but slimmer.

  3. Dude where you find this old school commissar! It looks great with an awesome paint job to boot!