Sunday, 2 January 2011

The New Year

Happy New Year.

2010 has come and gone (as has the snow thank God!) I got quite a bit of painting done, but it was mostly random, other than the Imperial Guard and Judges, I seemed to start projects and then drop them, though I know this isnt an uncommon problem.

Well for 2011 Ive decided to concentrate on a few projects.

- Sisters of Battle - Miniatures aquired and ready to paint
- Necromunda Eschers - Miniatures aquired
- Home Made HeroQuest / Dungeon Crawl set - The big project.
- Modern/Future Wars stuff - This is ongoing and has been since 2008.

And I really need to paint more and buy less if 2010's totals are anything to go by...
Aquired 295, Painted 182....

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