Friday, 28 January 2011

Fantasy Plastics

I picked up a few spare heroes from HeroQuest off eBay last year and finally got around to painting them up. No elf though, and the Barbarian's sword need's to be replaced. the wizard is a bit naff in the face, but the White Dwarf is just a great little sculpt.
I also finished off an Ogre and a Chaos Warrior, the warrior came with a few clones in a starter paint set I picked up for free a few years ago. The Ogre is from some old board game from the early 90's I think, I have no idea what it was originally for.


  1. Nice, I painted that same wizard (in pretty much the same colours) a couple of weeks back ( and have been thinking about giving the dwarf some love as a break from painting zombies...

  2. The Ogre is from the Board Game "Dark World" (1992). A bad game.

    have fun!