Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lich Sorcerer and Female Chaos Warrior

Im not sure where this undead terror comes from,what I do know is he is plastic, fairly well detailed, came in two parts and is huge..huge like a giant....I like the way the skin has turned out, a mix of green and brown. Im also rather happy with the purple of his robes as it was giving me all kinds of head aches when I was painting him.
Yet another Hasslefree miniature, I picked up "Jenova" here at Smoggycon 2009, and shes been sitting in a drawer since then. I believe she's Kev White's homage to John Blances "Amazonette" painting from the 80's, but dont quote me on that. To get her armor to have a metalic green sheen to it, i simple drybrushed her with shades of silver, dark to light, then gave her a good soaking of a green wash.

Like I said, giant....

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  1. This Lich-Lord-Giant is Zagor himself from the Board Game "Legend of Zagor" (1993). He talks to you during the game like: "Dwaaaarf! You loose an item, because of a trap."
    This game was also nothing compared to HeroQuest...