Friday, 18 April 2014

Imperial-Class Star Destroyers (De Agostini)

 Two more Star Destroyers, again from the De Agostini part works magazine that came out a few years back. These things pop up on eBay, and are generally cheap enough and are very well detailed.

 The ships come prepainted gray, but I decided to try a little experiment with them. The first ship I coated in black wash, allowed to dry and then dry brushed light gray across it, I think this helps give the ship a more weathered, used look.

 The second ship I actually picked out the detail with black wash and again dry brushed with gray. While this still looks good, I think it gives the ship a more newer, just off the production line look.
The task force as it stands, I'm not sure if the Venator is supposed to be the same length as the Imperial class, but it looks good so that's good enough for me.

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  1. Very nice work! Venators are apparently 1,137m to ISDs' 1,600, but as you say that's not really a big problem.