Sunday, 20 April 2014

Midlam Miniatures Vampires and Crypts

So I recently discovered Midlam Miniatures had recently opened up a store in Pewlaw, Gateshead, 5 minutes drive from where I work, so I took a trip there last week. What I found was a nice little shop, with clean displays, nice shelves with everything on display and a huge collection of board games and rule books, not to mention the staff were nice and friendly. As a result I came away with a few purchases, mainly the Vampire Horde and two crypts.
The horde is a nice 25/28mm (old style size) 7 figure set for £10, unlike the rest of Midlams range which is fantasy based, these are clearly Gothic Horror, with an old Hammer Horror feels, which is no bad thing.
The crypts come in a his and hers, which is nice, again for £10, and metal, unlike a lot of scenery these days. They are a bit on the small side, the old HeroQuest crypt will dwarf these, still, they are quite nice. 
Another nice feature is the lids lift off to reveal the contents, their owners have seen better days. 
Bob the vampire heading for a nice days rest.


  1. I got some of those vamps from Mega Miniatures a few years back, they're great! I only painted "Count Orlok" but they are all very good. Mega recently shut down and I assume these guys bought some of their molds, which is handy to know!

    1. And here I was thinking they were new stuff! Oh well.

    2. Looking at their website, I see they have a lot of Mega's better sculpts. I should have bought more when they were cheaper from there, but at least they're still available.

  2. Nice looking set they are great