Sunday, 2 May 2010

BattleMasters Orc

Just an old plastic Orc Ive had sat in my bits box for a few years now, used him as a test for a new undercoat I got at work, worked ok on the plastic, so may try it on metal. Anyhow this chap was originally one of the many Orcs you got with the old GW/MB game Battle Masters (Which my mate used to own but has now lost all the pieces to it :( ).


  1. great miniature. i own a copy of Battle Masters and i'm actually painting all those miniatures together with Heroquest's one. on my blog, if you are interested in, there are some pics of them.
    btw keep it up!

  2. Nice :) I just recently painted up some of the wolves from the Battle Masters set, converted into Chaos Hounds.