Monday, 10 May 2010

Salvage Crew

My salvage crew I put together for sci-fi skirmish games. The crew of the SS Betty Sue from left to right starting with the front row. "The Major" Dallas McClaine, Ellie Six, Arnuld, Captian Sonja (also known as Her Royal Intergalatic Highness Crown Princess Sonja Quamar of the Degarian Imperium.), Dolph, Kaylee, a random crew member, Mach, The Professor, the S-6 droid and finally Lars.

And one of thier transports, The Ram.

The miniatures come from a number of ranges, and just show what you can put together when you set your mind to it. Companys use include, EM4, Privateer Press, Maow Miniatures, Foundry, Games Workshop, Hasslefree and Heresy. The transport comes from Ramshackle.

The droid is the special Salute 2010 limited miniature.

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