Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hasslefree Goodness

Some of the goodies I picked up at Salute, all painted up and ready to go in my miniature boxes (never gonna get to use these on the table top....well one day maybe...) .

First is the not-vampire Willow from Buffy named Witch Hazel, this is a real small miniature, kind of a problem with some of Hasslefree products, as a result, she doesnt have much of a face, it just gets lost with paint.

Second is the Mutant Grant, one of the new releases that I just had to have after using this model in the Hasslefree game ran by Akula and Bungle at Salute. He is big and an actual joy to paint. I think hes supposed to be something from Left 4 Dead...Might have to pick that game up...

Third up is the Frothers Bunny Boiler Alice, I think Kev read my order wrong, cause I didnt ask for this one, but still, its a nice mini and I enjoyed painting her (And I was intending to get her anyhow).

And lastly is the first of my kiddie gangs, consisting of Peter with a crowbar, Katie with a bat, and Rose in a gasmask....these fella's are tiny, seriously small....

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