Thursday, 19 June 2014

Screamer Killer

 When I was a young nipper, and all my mates had copies of HeroQuest or SpaceCrusade, I had to make do with Monopoly or Cluedo (Clue for those of you in the US), looking in wonder at these games with miniatures. Then in '91 my friend Lee was given copies of Advanced HeroQuest and Blood Bowl while I purchased a copy of White Dwarf #146 (Feb 1992), inside was a wealth of info on Dreadnoughts, though two took my fancy, the Ork Dreadnought with the Gretchin poking out of the top hatch, and the Screamer Killer.

Fast forward 22 years later and I finally acquired a Screamer Killer albeit with a few plastic bits glued on.
The issue that started it all for me...Oh and I finally got my first Games Workshop game, a copy of HeroQuest in 2005 thanks to my cousin who rescued his unloved copy (though still in great shape) from the rubbish tip.

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