Saturday, 14 June 2014

Talarn Squad

 Another Talarn squad (I think this is the third) made up of left over models, as a result it has duplicates, now while I know with the older metals duplicates are something that cant be avoided, having four of the same model is just a nightmare to my mind.
 The first rank is made up of the usual suspects, missile launcher and metagunner, two regualr gaurdsmen and a second Cadian Company Commander now demoted to squad sergeant.
Attack of the clones!!! the four duplicates....I tried to at least make one look a bit different by giving him a red turban, which still ties into the colors of the Albion 13th.


  1. I have seen a guy make pretty passable Talarn's using Cadian plastic bits and War Games Factory Persian Infantry

  2. Those look fantastic! Very cool color scheme, man!