Monday, 16 June 2014

Flame Thrower Special Weapons Squad

 I've never much thought of these types of squads, 6 men? I figured they wouldn't be much use for anything, but as I had parts for three flame throwers sat about I had another look and think, I realized  that a small unit like this would be handy (fluff wise) to plug any gaps in a gun wall, or for strong point clearing, as for game wise? I don't really care!
 The basic troopers that back the flamers up. These guys where badly painted second hand models I picked up for a quid a piece and quickly repainted in the Albion 13th colors.
The specialists themselves, two of them are left overs from the 40 or so guardsmen I picked up in 2012 and dettol stripped, the third (with shades) was made up from left over Cadian and tank commander parts.

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