Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sisters Part 2

I've encountered a problem with stripping some of the Sister models I have of paint. Whoever painted the 2nd hand ones I have used something that even the tried and tested Mr.muscle is having trouble with, even after a week of soaking. So while I sort that out I sprayed and painted up some fresh metal in the form of a Repentia and a Heavy Flamer.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sister's of Battle test colours

Ive got a number of battle Sister's miniatures Ive picked up the last few years, some painted rather badly, Ive tossed a few into a bath of Mr.Muscle to strip them. While I was at work I was struck by the idea of a red and white themed army (no not a refrence to Middlesbrough football club). I think they have come out quite nice. As for a name Im thinking of The Order of the Bloody Blade.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I got hold of some Servitor miniatures from some of the nice people over on the Lead Adventure Forum. 7 in total, but as you can only take 5 in a squad in the current Guard Codex I was rather spoilt for choice. So, two Gun Servitors armed with Heavy Bolters and three Close Combat Servitors.
I figured it would be cool to have the two types of cyborgs in diffrent coloured body suits, orange for the Gun's and blue for the CC borgs. Also I kind of went for a dead, rotting zombie colouring on the flesh, well they are hardly alive or human anymore....