Sunday, 29 January 2017

Yet More Imperial Assault

 The latest expansion for Imperial Assault, Jabba's Realm, was recently released, along with a number of add on packs, that I am slowly making my way through. To start with is Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight and Shyla Varad, a Mandalorian, who is one of the expansions player characters. Though what is interesting, is that she is not a rebel, but part of the scum and villainy faction.
Jabba's Realm also introduces Jet Troopers and a new Imperial officer, Captain Terro on a Dewback. The Dewback kit is nice becasue you get two rider torsos, one Terro, and another regular trooper with a lance as seen in A New Hope, though as always with these kits, the lance is a bendy mess.

Sunday, 15 January 2017


Like a lot of people have found, the Genestealer Cultist's set makes great Necromunda gangers when you stick a different head on them. Not to happy with the mohawk head, as its a little to big, but it will do.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hot Wheels Star Wars Ships

 Recently various toy's from the Force Awakens have started hitting the shelves in discount super markets here in the UK, among them are spaceships from Hot Wheel's. Now the fighters are far to big to be of any real use, but the capital ships are nicely sized.
 Imperial and First Order Star Destroyers, fairly well detailed and easy to to paint up with a bit of dry brushing.
 This is a First Order Troop Transport, they made it around the same size as a Star Destroyer. Its nice and chunky, and I could really see this as a bulk cruiser, or a carrier in games of Full Thrust or the like.
Hot Wheels ships alongside on of the De Agostini Destroyers that were released a few years back, they scale up fairly well together, though I think the Hot Wheels ships are more detailed.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Imperial Assault

Another selection of Imperial Assault miniature add-on's, this time the Rebel Hoth trooper and an Imperial Agent, though he looks more like a scout to me.